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About Us

Hi, I'm Alex (left, photographed with my rescue dog, Pippa)!

I own Scouting for Dogs, a 5 star pet service, which has been running since 2021!

I began my career working with animals back in 2017, working in dog rescue and boarding for 4 years! During my time in rescue, I gained so many valuable skills, qualifications, and knowledge.

Getting to work with rescue dogs was one of the most mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting things I have ever done - yet the most rewarding.

Moving on from rescue and boarding, I worked in veterinary for a year before deciding that Pippa deserved more than me working 12 hour shifts. So, I set up Scouting for Dogs for Pippa & now she can come to work with me every day!

I am now currently studying with PACT (professional association of canine trainers), and I hope to be a qualified and accredited dog trainer by the end of this year!

In 2022, Beth (right, photographed with her two Romanian rescue dogs, Mollie & Khalessi), joined the Scouting for Dogs team! After working with Beth at the vets, I knew she was the perfect candidate for the role!

Beth has grown up in cat rescue (Beth's mum runs Cat-titude n Whiskers in Scunthorpe) and studyed Animal Management at college. Beth is also a qualified dog groomer and has previously worked in veterinary for almost 5 years!

Both Beth & I are also very experienced and comfortable in feeding and handling small furries and scalys (Beth has furries at home, and I have scalys!)

We currently offer dog walking (either solo or group), off-lead paddock sessions in a safe and controlled environment, pet sitting within your own home, puppy sessions, drop-ins, home visits, small pet feeding and cleaning & pet taxi (basically, we'll help with your pets needs, whatever that may be!)

We pride ourselves on our ethics, code of conduct, and professionalism.

We are all about the positive reinforcement here and will continue to scream it from the rooftops! We will never use any form of equipment deemed aversive or cruel on your pets, nor will we ever implement any form of punishment.

We are knowledgeable enough to know that these methods are not needed in the animal world. Why? Because we have magic powers instead ✨️ (it's called really good, high value food, toys and good skills...!)

We also pride ourselves on our dog mixing process. We will never just throw your dog into a mix of unknown dogs without ensuring your dog is suitable, comfortable, happy, and confident. We get to know our Scouts thoroughly before knowing what kind of dogs they can be mixed with. And, on the odd occasion that it doesn't work out, we will be 100% transparent and honest with you. Your dogs welfare and happiness will always come first!

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